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Elevator Dimensions and Prices

Elevator dimensions are calculated based on the floor height of the buildings and the number of people proportional to the flat. You can view our Standard Elevator dimensions and Models in detail in our article below.

Single cabin elevators; It is widely used in small and medium-sized Residential, Apartment or Commercial buildings. It is used in situations such as carrying people and small volume furniture.

In our article, you can access elevator dimensions and drawings in accordance with the standards established according to the number of people. Architect friends can visit my article Elevator Section and Plan Drawing .dwg which includes Autocad drawings on the subject.


elevator dimensions

For a 5-person elevator cabin in an existing buildingThe distance to be left in the Architectural Project Drawing is 2.30 m x 2.60 m.< /span>


Elevator prices;

  1. Total load to carry
  2. The number of people it will carry and
  3. Priced according to the number of stops.

In this regard, I am sharing with you the 2024 prices of current elevator prices based on dollar exchange rate.

  • Price of elevator that can go up to 5 Storey (5 Stops) building 400 kg; $7,000.00
  • Price of elevator that can go up to 5 Storey (5 Stops) building 500 kg; $7,500.00


Since we give prices in dollars, they are always current prices.

For Freight Elevator, Disabled Elevator and Villa Elevator Projects and Prices, you can directly contact the Elevator Companies listed below and get detailed information.

Companies; Mert Asansör, Erk Mühendislik, Full Asansör are the most well-known companies you can contact.


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