• People Cad BlocksAutoCAD Walking Human – Dwg

    AutoCAD / Walking Human – Dwg

    AutoCAD Human Furnishings dwg drawings that you can use in your Architecture and Interior Architecture Project drawings . You can download AutoCAD – Dwg drawings of 20+ Human dwg drawings such as person holding a bag, walking person, sitting person, talking person, Ballerina person furnishings for free. Drawings; The plan includes top views that you can use. Human Top View…

  • Accessories Cad BlocksAutocad Wall Painting, Image – Dwg

    Autocad / Wall Painting, Image – Dwg

    100+ different Pictures and Painting drawings of Wall Paintings, Decorative Paintings, Canvas Paintings that they can use in their Appearance Drawing projects, especially for Interior Architecture friends. Wall Painting / Painting – dwg <<< CLICK TO DOWNLOAD >>>

  • Accessories Cad BlocksChandelier Cad Blocks

    Autocad – Chandelier Cad Blocks

    Featuring over 50 different ceiling lighting and chandelier drawings available in AutoCAD format, this comprehensive collection is the ideal resource to speed up your design process and create aesthetically appealing interiors. Each drawing comes with detailed dimensions and is easy to use for professional designers, engineers and architects. These drawings feature ceiling lighting and chandeliers…

  • Accessories Cad BlocksGlasses dwg autocad

    Autocad – Glasses (Dwg) Drawings

    Autocad Glasses – Dwg Drawings that you can generally use in Architecture or Interior Architecture Section Drawings and are suitable for placing on the shelves of areas such as Boutiques, Shops, Shopping Malls. Dlasses dwg Autocad – Glasses Dwg <<< CLICK TO DOWNLOAD >>>

  • 2023 - Construction and Architecture İdeas | Cad BlocksAmerican Style House images

    25+ Popular “American Style House” Models and Floor Plans

    When we say American Style Houses ; They are generally made of wooden structures , with large gardens and spacious rooms, and as you know, the majority of American Houses consist of 2 floors. After giving you some architectural details, I will share the Façade and Plan details of this type of houses, respectively . You can also click on the larger…

  • Accessories Cad BlocksTurnstile Dwg

    Turnstile – Dwg

    A turnstile is a security system usually used at a crossing point. In an architectural context, turnstiles are often used at entrances to buildings or at special access points. These devices are designed to control and limit passage in a particular direction. From an architectural perspective, turnstiles can be used to control or provide limited access to a…

  • Accessories Cad BlocksInterior Architecture – Ceiling Lighting Furnishings

    Interior Architecture – Ceiling Lighting Furnishings

    36+ Ceiling Illumination furnishing drawingsbelonging to the Interior Architecture Furnishing Library and located in the Interior and Accessories Category . In the AutoCAD .dwg file you will download; There are drawings of Chandeliers, LED lights, Spot lighting, Island Kitchen Pendant Lighting. Lighting Furnishings To download our Autocad extension furnishing library below, you can download it from ⇒ Ceiling Lighting – Dwg . Similar Content

  • Furniture Cad BlocksInterior Architecture – Detailed Furniture Appearance Drawings

    Interior Architecture – Detailed Furniture Appearance Drawings

    50+ Pieces, high quality that you can use in Interior Architecture projects; Interior Furniture elevation drawings. In the AutoCad file you will download ; You can download Television Furniture, Cabinets, Bookshelves, Shelf models for storage area, Mirror drawings, Entrance and Hallway cabinets, Coffee Tables, Consoles, Shoe Rack, Showcase, TV Unit, Bar and many other contents in a single…

  • 2023 - Construction and Architecture İdeas | Cad Blocks

    What Causes Humidity? How It Affects Homes and Precautions

    There are many reasons why dampness appears in our homes. These factors range from simple problems resulting only from wet weather to serious defects in the home structure. Rainy, humid weather conditions are the main triggers of humidity. Especially in winter, the difference between the cold air outside and the warm air inside supports the formation of humidity. In…

  • 2023 - Construction and Architecture İdeas | Cad BlocksElevator Dimensions

    Elevator Dimensions and Prices

    Single cabin elevators; It is widely used in small and medium-sized Residential, Apartment or Commercial buildings. It is used in situations such as carrying people and small volume furniture. In our article, you can access elevator dimensions and drawings in accordance with the standards established according to the number of people. Architect friends can visit…

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