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Mother, Father, Child – Dwg

The drawings we shared as family furnishings; Mother - Father - Child.

For Interior Architecture – Architecture students who design projects in AutoCAD, you can download our content named “Family Furnishings and Activities,” which we refer to as human figure drawings.

Within the AutoCAD file you’ll download, there are a total of 26 drawings, including figures such as a child walking with a hat, a mother pushing a baby stroller, a child running to their mother, children playing with a ball, people reading newspapers, and drawings of women and men, each with different figures.

people dwg autocad

“AutoCAD – Family Furnishings (dwg)”

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You can access our entire drawing archive in the Human Furnishings category at All the drawings shared with you in this file are realistic drawings at a 1/1 scale, intended for use in your Section and Elevation drawings.

I thought it would be useful for your work. You can download other human dwg drawings via the links below:

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