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New Era Wall Decoration; Wall Lath

The walls inside the building, which are normally left with the application of Plaster + Paint, have become widely used with the new decoration product (Modernized) Wall Lath. You can find details about application examples and current prices on the subject.

Wall Lath: It is among the 2024 trend decoration applications, consisting of MDF or Chipboard materials, used for decorative purposes and can be painted in any color.

Wall Slats are generally products that can be easily mounted on the plastered and painted wall using materials such as silicone / wall nails.

These lath products are produced in different forms and thicknesses. The raw material of the product is formed into different shapes and forms by pressing wood powder with adhesive. Regarding this, I will share with you a few slat shapes and then I will share application examples for Living Room, Kitchen and Corridor areas.


The wall thickness of the wall laths, which are produced according to 5 different standard designs generally used, varies between 2 cm and 8 cm.

For example, you can view the cross-sectional views of 3 different slats taken in factory production in the post below.

duvar çıtası modelleri

Application Examples

There is no limit to the usage area of the lath. The product is very useful and different visuals are created in terms of application (by shaping).

Regarding this situation, you can observe different examples of Wall Lath and Suspended Ceiling Lath applications, respectively, from the examples below.

duvar çıtası

It is a Wall Lath model created in rectangular forms for the Living Room and Corridor area using 2 different lath thicknesses. In such designs, you can generally complete the most accurate decoration design by applying Gypsum Board Suspended Ceiling and spotlights illuminating the wall.

Color Selection

Among the application examples I like, you can use it in any area you want without hesitation by choosing a light color slat applied on a dark wall paint.

wall lath

Suspended Ceiling Bar
You can apply it in different forms and shapes, either on a ceiling covered with plasterboard or on any painted surface.

I am sharing a few examples of suspended ceiling rails applied for Living Room Decoration.

asma tavan çıta uygulaması

In this application, spot lights and hidden LED lights + Chandelier were applied with plasterboard.

There are also regional lath and wood application forms for Interior Architecture. An example of design beyond limits and, in my opinion, truly extraordinary;

bölgesel tavan çıta uygulaması

duvar çıtası model uygulaması

By applying black wall lath of the same color on the Black Color Wall Paint we have chosen; I am ending our Wall Molding topic here with a magnificent example of applying the same color tones to the table and the armchairs.

I bid farewell to you by sharing with you two topics below that may interest you.

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