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Tiny House House Models and Sales from the Manufacturer

Tiny House house models, which stand out among the innovative concepts brought by modern life, offer a unique living space by combining sustainable living and minimalist design. This unique concept promises its users great comfort with a small footprint. Tiny House house models from the manufacturer and questions about their sales, the Models we produce and our Sales Prices.

Hello friends, we have previously talked to you about Prefabricated Buildings and Tiny House manufacturing and prices. “What is the Tiny House that is advertised everywhere? “I am explaining Cost and Project Drawing.” I shared an article titled.

In this article, we use the new generation wall panels in the Tiny House buildings, which are a partnership between GANT Yapı and Tech Wand, where I currently work: I will talk about projects and designs.

I will talk about the New Generation Wall panels that we produce in the factory.

tiny house

All of our buildings that have completed the R&D process and were promoted at the fair; Consisting of Aerated Concrete + Steel + Pumice Concrete + Steel + Aerated Concrete section, which we call New Generation Wall Panel; It consists of composite material with a height of 2.40 meters, with a wall thickness of 15 cm and a width of 25 cm.

New Generation Wall Panels

It has a width of 6 meters x 3 meters, which we prepared for our 2nd Construction Fair; He introduced our project, which consists of a total area of 18 m2, including a Bathroom – Toilet – Sink area and a Mini Kitchen.

yeni nesil duvar panelleri

After the completion of our R&D process, we make a rapid entry into the market and serve in the Tiny House sector with “cheaper with better quality materials” and personalized designs.

Tiny House Manufacturing

Beyond the wooden flooring and external wall system that make up Tiny House projects; I am sharing with you a small detail project on how our innovation product used in the Floor, Wall and Ceiling areas is manufactured with materials consisting of a combination of steel and our New Generation Wall Panels.

Not a container! A building in itself..

The entire structure is manufactured with a single product, without the need for stone or glass wool, wooden carrier system, OSB and insulation material used for the base of the tiny house walls.

tiny house

Compared to the containers you use in areas such as offices and construction sites; Our completed products create living spaces that are completely suitable for the living space and give the feeling of reinforced concrete structure.

Portable System

The general logic is that these structures, which are 20 m2 – 40 m2 (with mezzanine floors), are created with a portable or wheeled system.

We manufacture this system at a higher quality and cheaper price and meet the gap created by the revival of the container market after the earthquake with a truly high-quality system.

Gaziantep Tiny House

At our Gaziantep Fair Center Stand, which we attended twice, there was a lot of interest in the New Generation Wall Panels in the press as well as the visitors.

The interest of all Gaziantep Local News pages in our production was also impressive. Fatma Şahin, Konukoğlu, Mehmet Kökref visited our stand in the fair area and appreciated our services regarding the manufacturing / design and sales process of our product, which was created in cooperation with Gant Yapı and Techwand.

Gaziantep haber

We are selling our Tiny House, which we prepared for public display, on a turnkey basis from the first day for a price of 360,000 TL, and we continue our production with an additional 10 orders.

gaziantep tiny house

Order and Contact

First of all, for those who live in Gaziantep and need structures such as Tiny House / Container, you can visit our Factory located in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone and our Showroom area on the Oncology road and see our products and projects on site.

Our Factory Address: 1.Organize San. Region 83107 No Cadde No:1 Başpınar Şehitkamil/Gaziantep

Showroom; Onkology Cd. Opposite Bahçeşehir College Gaziantep/Şahinbey

Contact: You can get detailed information by contacting me directly at 0530 170 38 00 /.

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