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Pool Table – CAD Block

pool table drawing
Pool Table dwg:Billiards is one of the sports played on a rectangular table with a series of small balls and a long stick called a cue stick. The table and the padded rail surrounding the table are covered with a narrow felt-like cloth. Carom or French billiards is played with three balls on a table without holes. In other types of games, it is played on tables with six holes, 4 holes in each corner and 2 holes in each of the two long sides. You can download Pool Table dwg file for free and use these drawings in your Architecture Projects.

You can access the Pool Table drawing where in the Autocad file from the links below. Pool Table CAD Block Symbol in Plan, Elevation, Section Cad Blocks Download. – Sports Cad Blocks

pool table cad block

File Type ;  Autocad .dwg

Contents; Pool Table CAD Block

Cad Blocks: ⏬ Pool Table CAD Block

Pdf Drawing: ➡ Pool Table Pdf

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