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We generally use Yacht and Boat furnishing drawings in Hotel and Seaside Luxury Villa Models Architectural Plans. You can use it to present the Situation plan, which has a land close to the sea, more lively and ostentatious.

You can reach Yacht DWG – Boat DWG Autocad drawings, Dimensions and Yacht Models respectively in the article. In the AutoCAD file you will download, there are 14 different types of Boat, Yacht, Kayak, Canoe dwg drawings and side view of the Yacht Drawing.

Yachts in free plan dwg blocks are yachts located on the open sea that can accommodate passengers. These vessels have a large deck area with many rooms for living spaces and facilities needed for long journeys. This is where we sometimes see the word “cruise” when making plans for boats in dwg files.

Boat dwg blocks are vessels that sail along rivers or lakes. These boats are usually not very large in size compared to yachts or ocean liners. Some boats sail on the river only once at certain times of the day or night while others sail several times a day like ferries in Istanbul.

Yacht, Boat – DWG

Autocad Yacht, Boat Cad blocks

File Type ;  Autocad .dwg

Contents; Boat, Yacht, Canoe AutoCAD Drawings


Size standards for 2-person boats and fishing boats are 850 cm x 300 cm. They are generally the size of a small excursion boat (3 persons) or boats used for fishing during holidays.

boats Dimensions

Large yacht size standards are 26 meters x 8 meters. It is the general size of luxury yacht models. It is available on the rescue boat in 2-deck yacht types.

Yacht Dimensions


An example of a model made by Ferretti Yachts company and designed using high technology innovation for those who want to experience their passion for the sea in a comfortable and safe way;

Yachts models

In our other example, I wanted to add a small type and completely wooden fishing boat model. I end my article here by sharing our example of a boat model with a bit of history.

Boat models

You can also access our entire AutoCAD Furnishing Library from our DWG DOWNLOAD page or our English-language Cad Blocks page. Good drawings guys ✌

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