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Turnstile – Dwg

AutoCad drawings of the Turnstile system with Electronic and Passage system that you can use at the entrance of buildings such as Stadiums, Hotels, Conference Halls and Theatres.

A turnstile is a security system usually used at a crossing point. In an architectural context, turnstiles are often used at entrances to buildings or at special access points. These devices are designed to control and limit passage in a particular direction.

From an architectural perspective, turnstiles can be used to control or provide limited access to a particular area. For example, turnstiles can be placed at the entrance of an office building to allow only authorized personnel to pass. They are also used at public transportation points such as stadiums, airports and metro stations.

Turnstile Dwg

You can download the AutoCAD file drawings of the drawing above via the ⇒ Turnstile – Dwg link.

We share 2 different drawings related to the Turnstile System in the Interior and Door / Window category.

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