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How to Draw a Sliding Door?

I will try to explain how it is drawn with step-by-step visuals for you to understand and draw the Sliding Door drawing. Actually, my purpose here is to make you understand that you can easily make the dwg drawings you are looking for for Sliding Door Drawing.

For friends who are studying ARCHITECTURE , I sharedmy entire DWG archive with you on the Autocad Library page. For this article, you will learn how to make Sliding Door Models and Architectural project drawings. You will be able to use it by drawing it in different sizes according to your own design.

We will look at Sliding Door Models to help you understand how the drawings are made. Let’s examine this by choosing 3 different types of models.

Sliding Door Models

Sliding doors are divided according to the areas they are used and the types of materials.

The most used type by friends studying Architecture and Interior Architecture; These are the applications in the “Clothing Room, Dressing Room” parts of the Bedroom projects.

narrow type Sliding door


It is the Top Sliding Wooden Door model in the photo above and the application system is:

  • Door Gap opens (80-90 CM)
  • Wooden or Iron sliding system is added on 210 CM height.
  • The door is mounted on the cylindrical treads with screws.

Project drawing

You can easily draw in dwg format by drawing Wall, Door Frame, Sliding Door System and Wooden door for project drawing. It should be drawn in 1/50 Scale Architectural Project Format as in the system below.

sliding door project

Balcony Sliding Door

Recently, Aluminum Sliding Door systems have been preferred as the most healthy and durable system in areas such as Balcony and Terrace in the outer volume.

balcony Sliding door

Aluminum Doors are preferred by Interior Architects because they are more durable and visually design / color options compared to PVC Doors and windows. And in this model, we will examine a black sliding door and draw its project.


Sliding doors do not have standard sizes. In other words, you can design and draw Sliding Doors in any size you want according to your project.

According to the Architectural Project Drawing Rules, you must leave a minimum of 70 cm clean/clear space. This value is the lowest value left for 1 person to pass through the door. These dimensions differ according to your project or the condition of your usage areas.

The Black Color Aluminum Sliding Door example above is used between the Hall and Balcony passage. The size of this Sliding Door, which is manufactured as full length, is 125 cm x 125 cm, and it is designed in a 250 cm space in total.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how this system, designed as a 125 cm fixed-wing glass unit and 125 cm sliding door system, should be drawn in the Architectural Project. In 1/20 scale format 👉  Let’s take a step-by-step look at how this drawing is made as System Detail Drawings .

Sliding Door Detail Drawing

I will explain with step-by-step visuals how the project I just shared was drawn at 1/20 scale. It’s a pretty easy drawing don’t worry. 😊 You can also access all my drawing tutorials on the ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT DRAWING page.

By clicking on Autocad Image Images, you can reach the larger version of the drawings. You can also contact me directly from the PROJECT HELP page to get paid Project Drawing support . 😊

balcony Sliding door

Door Gap

We start the drawing by first creating the total area occupied by the sliding door. I left a 250 cm space for this .

sliding door drawing architecture

For architectural project drawings, you can contact us via Autocad for a fee: For your Plan, Section, View drawings , you can contact us via Whatsapp: 0530 170 38 00 . 😊

Door Frame

We draw a 5 cm thick door frame on both sides of the wall part. If you are going to make a 1/20 detail drawing, you need to protrude 2-3 cm to the surface of the wall. Drawing Example;

sliding door frame drawing

Fixed Wing Door Drawing

We draw the Door to 125 cm of our space with a total width of 250 cm. Since it is a fixed sliding door system; We fix it to the door frame that we drew earlier.

fixed wing sliding door drawing

Sliding Door Mechanism Drawing

We need to determine the area where the door will move, and then draw a mechanism system on the floor.

Purpose of this; It indicates the movement system located under the door. You can think of it like train tracks to understand more clearly.

sliding door mechanism

Sliding Door Drawing

We complete our drawing by drawing the Sliding Door in line with the Rail Mechanism. In addition, you can write “Sliding Door” in writing on the opening direction arrow sign.

Autcad Sliding Door Drawing

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