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25+ Popular “American Style House” Models and Floor Plans

When it comes to style in America, which is based on immigration and based on a wide variety of Geography and History, when we look at the "American Style House", they are generally Bungalow-style buildings built on the wooden system.

When we say American Style Houses ; They are generally made of wooden structures , with large gardens and spacious rooms, and as you know, the majority of American Houses consist of 2 floors.

After giving you some architectural details, I will share the Façade and Plan details of this type of houses, respectively . You can also click on the larger images of the House Models I have shared below to see their original sizes.

American Style Home?

In the 17th century, colonists from Europe ( the first Europeans to come to North America ) began to build buildings to establish their own settlements. Depending on the needs and conditions of that period, most of the buildings had Rectangular Forms and Hipped Roof designs.

  • Simple and Functional Designs
  • Rectangular and Flat / Hipped Roofs
  • Use of Wood Material

Towards the 20th century, the three main elements I mentioned above evolved and formed their own style, American Style Houses, which are reflected until today. If we list this change process in items;

  • Practical interior arrangements
  • Large Kitchens and Bathrooms ( American Culinary Culture started in this period. )
  • Spaces focused on Modern Comfort

At that time and today, it was very difficult to find a master to build Concrete Batching Plants (Ready-Mixed Concrete) and Buildings like in Turkey, and even if a master was found, the cost was many times higher than the costs in Turkey.

American Style House

In American culture, buildings are made of wood , have large gardens and white wooden fences, and have continued until today.

Triangle Type Roofs

When we look at the climatic conditions and the entire buildings, the roof forms of the buildings are triangular. These types of roofs are used to prevent excessive rainfall and snow accumulation.

As I explained why the entire structure is made of wood; That’s because I don’t have a concrete plant at my doorstep at every step, unlike in Turkey.

American Style House images

In connection with the emergence of Arts and Crafts in the later 19th and early 20th centuries ; Triangular Roofs, Deep Eaves, Open Beams and Special Stone and Wood Veneer facades have created American Style House models.

Reflection of Decoration on the Building

If we list the other elements that shape American Style Houses, we can understand more clearly how they achieved these forms and designs. These;

  • A garden surrounded by white picket fences
  • Large Veranda and Windows
  • Material and color selections used in warm and wood tones
  • An inviting fireplace area and
  • A living space where the living room and kitchen are intertwined.

American style kitchen

I have shared with you above an example of an old design, including the load-bearing system of the building. Especially ⇒ The decoration and Architectural Design effect, where the Island Kitchen style is used and has survived to this day, is still used today.

American Island Kitchen

He said that American style exterior designs, apart from the materials used, have large and comfortable areas.

I would like to share a few more photos of the interior views of American Style houses, which we call Island Kitchen or American Kitchen design, from the 17th century to the present day;

American kitchen home interior view

Apart from a minimal lifestyle, in addition to large and spacious areas, the interior paint colors of the buildings consist of natural wood and white colors.

Apart from these details , I would like to share a few models of comprehensive designs that resemble Steel Construction Structures today.

3D Modeling Example

Let’s look at the modern design of American house models reflected today with a short video content about the Kitchen – Living room combination, which we call the interior space, Bedroom and Living area of ​​the design;

In our topic, I tried to present with you the information I researched about American Style Houses. If there is anything you would like to add, I would be happy if you share your ideas using the message panel below <3..

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